The Animal Kingdom of Yoga is now offering presentations and classes for seniors with Yogi Alara for organizations and corporations. Find balance (and how to avoid falling) by learning the benefits of proper stretching for the aging through gait strengthening and animal yoga stretches. These stretches may help strengthen your heart, muscles, and joints, as well as aid in alleviating stress, anxiety and depression. For information and to book an appointment for events, please contact us in contact box at the bottom of the page. Let the Animal Kingdom of Yoga help you in your pursuit of a lifestyle that embodies less pain, more gain while being healthy, emotionally wealthy, and independent!


Animal poses will help strengthen the heart, and allow it to pump blood more effectively through the body!


Animal poses will also strengthen your muscles, helping retain your strength and fighting muscle atrophy!!


Finally, Animal poses will help keep you mobile by strengthening your joints, allowing you to be as limber as a lion!

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